The Thinnest Smartwatches for 2022 (iPhone and Android)

Last updated on October 1, 2022

I have been searching for a thin smartwatch for years, and here is what I found. Setting up this page has been a lot of work, as the information about smartwatch thinness/thickness is scarce and often outdated. Before I go on with numbers and specs, here are some of my findings:

  • Most smartwatches are clumsy, but some are less clumsy than others. A thin smartwatch even existed: the Pebble Watch Round was only 0.3 inch (7.5 mm) thick, but is no longer available.
  • There are notable differences in the thickness of “sister” models: for example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 standard is thinner than the classic model.
  • The official depth measurements almost always exclude the health sensors. As a consequence, most smartwatches are thicker than advertised.
  • The Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 are slightly thinner than the equivalent Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Watch4 models. The classic Samsung models are definitely thicker.

Now let’s go on with facts, specifications and actual measurements.

Top thinnest smartwatches 2022 (for Men and Women)


Apple Watch Series 7: no official measurements yet

Apple Watch Series7 - Sideview to see thinness
While the Apple Watch Series 7 is thinner than most smartwatches, it can’t be called thin yet

Thinness rating: (probably) almost thin

The Apple Watch Series 7 have been announced on September 14, 2021, but the official dimensions – especially depth measurements – have not been released yet.

Both the 41mm and the 45mm models (replacing the 40mm and the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 sizes) should be exactly as thin or slightly thinner than their predecessors.

Apple Watch Series 6: almost reasonably thin

Apple Watch Series6 Side view (not very thin)
There are no official side view press picture of the Apple Watch Series 6

Thinness rating: almost thin

  • Official thickness (depth): 0.42 inches (10.7 mm)1
  • Thickness as listed by GSMArena: 0.41 inches (10.4 mm)2

Both the 40mm and the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 have the same depth.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4: one of the thinnest Android smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 - How thin is it really

Thinness rating: almost thin

Official thickness (depth): on the official Samsung website, Samsung only gives the thinness of the Watch4 in millimeters – no alternative measurements in inches. The stated thickness of 9.8 mm is equivalent to 0.3858 inches, rounded correctly to 0.39 inches (though some reviewers write 0.38 inches):

  • 44mm version official thickness: 0.39 in | 9.8 mm
  • 40mm version official thickness: 0.39 in | 9.8 mm

The thickness (or thinness) above are the „official“ dimensions provided by Samsung, excluding the health sensor. In reality, the Galaxy Watch4 series are not as thin as mentioned in the official specifications.

In a review of the Galaxy Watch4 published in, the author mentioned that her review unit (a 42mm classic version) was almost 0.07 inches (1.78 mm) thicker in reality than stated in the official specifications.

Adding this thickness to the Samsung specifications gives us following thickness (for the Watch4 non-classic models):

  • 44mm version actual thickness: 0.46 in | 11.58 mm
  • 40mm version actual thickness: 0.46 in | 11.58 mm

The “real life” thickness (including the protruding health sensor) of these models make them slightly thicker than the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

Dimensions (except depth)

  • 44mm version dimensions: 1.75 x 1.70 in (44.4 x 43.3 mm)
  • 40mm version dimensions: 1.59 x 1.55 in (40.4 x 39.3 mm)


  • 44mm version dimensions: 1.06 ounces (30.3 g), Armor Aluminum, without strap
  • 40mm version dimensions: 0.91 ounces (26 g), (GSMArena writes 0.92 oz / 25.9 g) Armor Aluminum, without strap

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: a rather bulky smartwatch

Thinnest Smartwatch - Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (sideview)
The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (released 2020) is thicker than the Galaxy Watch4 (2021)

Thinness rating: bulky

  • 45 mm version thickness: 11,1 mm (0.44 in)
  • 41 mm version thickness: 12,7 mm (0.5 in)

Beware that according to the specifications,3 the smaller version (41 mm) is thicker than the bigger version (45 mm) by 1,6 mm (0.06 inches).

Which is the best thinnest smartwatch?

There is no such thing as THE best thinnest smartwatch. Many excellent smartwatches are not thin, whereas some of the thinnest smartwatches are – unfortunately – not the best.

Among the best smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 are the slimmest (and marginally slimmer than their Samsung “non-classic” counterparts).

To me, the best compromise between thinness and quality are the Galaxy Watch 4 (non-classic) or any Apple Watch Series 6, 7 or SE.

Thin smartwatches Q&A

Are the Apple Watch Series 6 (and Apple Watch SE) thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series?

To answer this question, we have to differentiate between the “standard” and the “classic” Watch4 series:

The Apple Watch may be slightly thinner than the Galaxy Watch4 (non-“classic”)

On the paper, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (40 and 44 mm without rotating bezel) are thinner than the 6th generation Apple smartwatches. Both Watch4 models are 0.39 inches (9.8 mm) thin versus 0.42 inches (10.7 mm) for the Apple Watch.

However, Samsung’s “official” depth measurements exclude the health sensor that protrudes slightly off the back. In reality, the Galaxy Watch4 Series are up to 0.07 inches (1.78 mm) thicker than in the specs4, which makes the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE slightly thinner – 0.04 inches (0.88 mm) thinner to be exact.

Apple Watch Series7 - How thin is it in reality
The Apple Watch Series 7 is slightly thinner than equivalent Galaxy Watch4 models
The Apple Watch is much thinner than the Galaxy Watch4 classic

The Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE are definitely thinner than both Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic models (42 and 46 mm with rotating bezel).

The 42 mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic is 11.2 mm (0,44 inches) thick, while the 46 mm is slightly thinner, measuring 11.0 mm (0,43 inches). With a depth of 0.42 inches (10.7 mm), the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE are marginally thinner.

Here again, Samsung’s depth measurements exclude the protruding health sensor. These sensors make the Watch4 Classic series definitely thicker than the Apple smartwatches. To be precise, the Apple Watche Series 6 (and SE) are thinner by 0.08 to 0.09 inches (2.0 to 2.3 mm).

Is the Galaxy Watch 4 classic thinner than the Galaxy Watch (non-classic / without rotating bezel)?

Yes, both Watch4 models (40 and 44 mm) are thinner than their classic counterparts (42 and 46 mm).

Are the Apple Watch 7 Series thinner than the Apple Watch 6 Series?

There are still no official depth (thickness) measurements of the Apple Watch 7 Series. However, the 7th iteration should exactly as slim or even slimmer than its predecessor.

Are the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series thinner than the Watch 3 series?

  • Watch3 Series: 45 mm version thickness: 11,1 mm (0.44 in)
  • Watch3 Series: 41 mm version thickness: 12,7 mm (0.5 in)
  • Watch4 Series: 44mm version official thickness: 0.39 in | 9.8 mm
  • Watch4 Series: 40mm version official thickness: 0.39 in | 9.8 mm

Discontinued thin Smartwatches

Pebble Time Round: the thinnest smartwatch of all times

The thinnest smartwatch that ever existed
The Pebble Time Round remains the thinnest smartwatch produced in the past years
  • Thinness rating: super thin
  • Pebble Time Round thickness: 0.3 inches (7,5 mm)
  • Dimensions (except depth): 1.50 in × 1.50 in (38.1 mm × 38.1 mm)
  • Weight: 0.99 oz (28 g)

The Pebble Time Round was by far the thinnest and lightest smartwatch available when it was released back in November 2015. Both versions (with 14mm or 20mm bands) were equally thin: 0.3 inches (7,5 mm). As of 2021, it is still possible to buy used or refurbished Pebbles, but I would not recommend it.


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