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Ubuntu & NVIDIA: external monitor, rotation, … (.pdf)

January 2011: This how-to describes how to configure external monitors with the “NVIDIA X Server Settings” utility and enable rotation with RandRRotation.

A new application background in OpenOffice Writer (.pdf)

July 2009: playing with the application background in OpenOffice, including mockups of Writer with a picture or a pattern instead of a plain color.

Design proposal for Renaissance

In May 2009 the project Renaissance called for UI design proposals on the theme “Accessing Functionality”. Check out my contribution, which has been viewed more than 20.000 times within a few weeks.

A plea for hidden rulers in Writer (.pdf)

February 2009: In this article I explain why I think that the rulers should be hidden by default in Writer.

RedOffice 4.0 Beta – A great new user interface? (.pdf)

June 2008: A review of the Chinese Office Suite Redoffice 4.0 and its innovative user interface. RedOffice has been discontinued.

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